• Sound Healing

  • Ultra Soft

  • 11th Harmonic

  • Control Dreams

  • Long Battery Life

  • Washable

Meet SureSleep Mask

The Highest Customer Rated
Sound Healing Mask on The Internet

'This sound healing mask has changed my life. I've lost 10 pounds and my brain fog is gone. I wake up feeling a calm focus that I haven't felt in years. Best of all, I could wear it all night long during sleep. It is extremely useful for listening to sounds at the right vibrational frequency that leads to the reduction of stress and inflammation. I even began lucid dreaming and I'm enjoying its healing benefits!' - James S.

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SureSleep Mask Features

Fully Loaded For Sound Therapy

  • Block Disturbances

    The SureSleep features sound blocking technology to silence snoring partners, noisy roommates, neighbors, and street noise. Its comprehensive blackout material blocks out all light from penetrating the mask.

  • Listen in Comfort

    No more earbuds hurting your ears! Play your favorite audiobook, podcasts, soothing music, nature sounds, white noises, guided meditations or have a sound healing session with music on the 11th harmonic.

  • Eliminate Brain Fog

    Listen to meditative sounds at a special frequency shown to improve the brain's ability to focus.

  • Brain Stimulation

    The patented Resonant Frequency Therapy Device™ emits sounds at a calibrated frequency that promotes alpha and gamma wave production in the brain. Increased alpha and gamma wave production in the brain has been shown to improve working memory and intelligence by up to 95%.

  • Touch Stimulation

    Premium material made from durable hypoallergenic fibers allows healthy oxygen in, while keeping dry air out. The SureSleep mask combines precision calculated touch pressure and 360 coverage to maximize deep rest.

  • 360° Comfort

    The mask is designed for both regular sleepers and side sleepers. It fits snug all night and features 12 hours of playtime that will last you the whole night.

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Only 49 Healing Masks Left In Stock!
What Makes SureSleep Mask #1

Best-In-Class Features To Heal Body & Mind

With innovative features such as the Resonant Frequency Therapy Device™, meditation & focus mode, touch pressure stimulation and disturbance-blocking capabilities, the SureSleep is exactly what you need to stay in the deepest levels of restorative sound therapy where you can dissolve stress, reduce inflammation, and speed up the metabolism.

Heal Deeper, Faster

SureSleep Mask is the most advanced healing mask of its class, featuring high-tech capabilities such as calibrated sound frequencies, disturbance-blocking technology, and meditation & focus mode.

Control Your Dreams

SureSleep has all of the features needed to satisfy expert lucid dreamers, but it is also extremely simple for complete beginners to enter restorative lucid dreaming states.

Increase Brain Power

SureSleep comes with a proprietary sound frequency algorithm, so sounds are emitted at a frequency that enhances your brain's ability to process and remember information.

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Only 49 Healing Masks Left In Stock!
Harness The Power of Sacred Sounds

Maximize Deep Recovery & Control Your Dreams

Stimulate Brain Waves

Listen to Healing Sounds

The SureSleep Mask allows you to dramatically improve focus and concentration by feeding the brain the alpha and gamma wave frequency it needs during restorative rest.

Dissolve Inflammation

Eliminate Stress & Negative Energy

The SureSleep is rigorously engineered to operate on the 11th harmonic, emitting sounds at a special frequency shown to dissolve stress and inflammation.

Perfect Fit

Sleek Modern Design

The SureSleep's thoughtful design and snug wraparound fit boosts deep recovery by ensuring you're 100% protected against all light and sound disturbances. Its premium material means it can be washed thousands of times and still retain its original softness and durability.

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Only 49 Healing Masks Left In Stock!
Customer Testimonials

Find Out What Pioneering Customers Have to Say About SureSleep Mask


“My experience with SureSleep Mask felt almost magical. It was a concert for my body and my soul. Between the sounds and the vibration, the effects were profound – I felt both relaxed and more joyful. The sounds from the mask were very uplifting and actually feeling the vibration of the sounds on my body was healing. The SureSleep's technology and its gentle and healing energy created a very special experience.”

- James P. | Ft. Myers, FL


I love the sound of the vibration of Nikola Tesla's 369 sound (find it on YouTube) and the SureSleep allowed me to receive these sounds at the right frequency. And most of all to breathe during the experience, reducing the stress and anxiety. When I put this on, I leave everything behind. If I am in pain, I leave feeling wonderful because of all the benefits.”

- Bob C. | Breckenridge, CO


“I feel like I’m going to take this with me everywhere so I bought 3 sleep masks in case they ran out. I’ve had it less than a week and I’ve already been having super vivid lucid dreams every night!”

- Jillian R. | New York, NY


“The audio quality for these are superb! The ultra-soft material felt so good, and the mask produces awesome sound that blocks out external noises. The touch pressure stimulation makes the mask extremely comfortable, even when lying on the side. I LOVE THESE!”

- Rodney H. | Joliet, IL


“I love with this sleep mask. It really does help you fall asleep faster and deeper. The touch pressure stimulation and the calibrated sound waves on the 11th harmonic puts me right into deep, restorative REM sleep. I've been dreaming every night, it's crazy!”

- Dale B. | San Diego, CA

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Only 49 Healing Masks Left In Stock!
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